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Daily rituals

If you are willing to restore and revitalise, David Higgins, trainer to Hollywood’s elite and co-founder of Corinthia London’s BodySPace, , which can be found on his YouTube channel. He also posts live workouts on his Instagram every day at 11am. Participating in this daily routine, will build your body up, restoring your physical confidence.

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Spa Day For Kids

Planning a Spa day at home is the most pampering gift we can offer our kids. Relaxing is important and is the best way to connect with your little ones.

Nurturing Face Mask:

For a true spa experience, we highly recommend the avocado and honey facial mask with organic and home-made ingredients that will deeply nourish and refresh the skin. A face mask will help in cleansing, toning and massaging your kid´s skin, the avocado is highly rich in vitamins and is amazing for dry, sensitive skin. During summer and after sun exposure, the avocado is ideal to reduce the heat and calm the skin. The honey will have a powerful toning and hydrating effect. Combine this delightful experience with the refreshing sensation of traditional cucumber slices gently placed over the eye lids. Not only they are fun, but they are also refreshing for the eyes, relaxing the muscles and activating the circulation. 


  • Face Mask – Combine half ripe avocado mashed with a teaspoon of honey. For very dry skin, we also recommend to add a teaspoon of coconut oil.
  • Slice half cucumber and save them in the fridge .
  • Remove the face mask with warming towels that will deeply relax your face muscles.

A Sublime Hair mask

Corinthia Palace Spa Director Suzanne, shares her recipe for making a hair mask at home with simple ingredients, easily found in many's kitchen pantry. A fun activity to do with the family at home. 

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Gastronomic delight - Corinthia Prague

Home pork roast a la Lyonnaise

by Corinthia Prague's Executive Chef JeanPaul Manzac. Prepare this delicious roasted pork and savour it in the company of your loved ones. Serves 4.


  • 1kg of Pork loin or pork neck boneless (pork neck will be more tender but also fattier)
  • 600 whole potatoes washed with skin on
  • 300gr white onion a la julienne
  • 1 garlic head peeled
  • 500ml dry white wine
  • 200ml water
  • 100ml of olive oil
  • Couple of bay leaves, some thyme and sprigs of rosemary
  • Salt and black pepper
  • Pot with lid (cast iron pot it is better)


  • Prepare the pork and with chef kitchen knife cut into the pork all around small deep cuts. Insert into these cuts garlic clove with salt and pepper. Use all garlic head and make sure you got garlic in the flesh all around the meat. Then salt and pepper the meat also all around.
  • On the stove put the pot on a medium heat and braise the meat in the oil all around to a nice golden-brown color.
  • Pour white wine and water into the pot and de-glaze all the juice from the bottom.
  • Add sliced onions, potatoes, and couple of bay leaves, thyme and rosemary.
  • Close the pot with the lid and put in the oven at 120° Celsius and cook for 2h30.
  • After cooking serve the meal in a big dish on a table, slice the meat, put it in the centre of the dish, arrange potatoes around, then mix with hand mixer the juice and onions that will make a nice brown thick sauce to pour over.

A sweet escape

Corinthia St George's Bay mixologist Nikola Tikovic shares his recipe on how to create a home-made limoncello. A simple recipe for a digestif which will export you to a heavenly state. 

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A healthy treat Lemon Iced Tea at the Corinthia Palace

  • 80g Sugar
  • 2L Water
  • 100g Loose Tea Leaf
  • 3 lemons (juiced)
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New York Sour

Bartender Alex from Lounge 62 in Corinthia Prague hotel gets his recipe for this great looking and tasting cocktail called New York Sour.


  • Pour 20ml of lemon juice, 20ml sugar syrup and 40ml of Whiskey (ideally rye or bourbon) in to an old fashioned glass.
  • Add ice and stir until it's chilled.
  • Gently pour 30ml of fruity red wine (such as Shiraz or Malbec) over the back of the spoon held just above the drink's surface so the wine floats on top.

A Collector's Delight

The Calouste Gulbenkian Museum in Lisbon offers a 360º virtual tour. This online visit allows us to discover the Founder’s Collection and Modern Collection galleries. Objects from Ancient Egypt, from the Middle East or works by artists like Rembrandt, Turner, Monet, Rodin or René Lalique are some of the highlights of one of the most important private collections of international art, amassed by Calouste Gulbenkian.
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an Artistic Journey

The National Gallery in Prague offers nice packed online exhibitions to go through from your home. You will find basic information about the works, their authors and other interesting facts. The list of digitalized artworks will be continuously broadened. All the presented information are in English as well.

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The colours of London

Encourage your little ones to express their creative side by colouring in these Corinthia-inspired drawings. Share their work of art on Instagram tagging @corinthialondon for us to repost. 

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Intellectual Curosities Corinthia Budapest

124 years ago, on the 30 April 1896 The Grand Hotel Royal held its official opening ceremony. The hotel was originally opened for the visitors of the Millennium Exhibition, and later became popular as a hub for the elite of the 19th century society, and a hotspot for contemporary Hungarian writers and journalists, which were located on the Grand Boulevard. By that time, the Grand Boulevard had become the main artery of the capital city, thus these hotel rooms profited from some of the best views of Budapest. In 2003, this property was restored to its former grandiosity, and reopened as the Corinthia Hotel Budapest. 

Meet Susana Bravo

Art induces emotions and feelings on those who see it, as well as on those who produce it. We present you artist, author of several wonderful art pieces displayed at the Corinthia Lisbon. Bravo launched at the age of 27, after several attempts at other jobs, like fashion and furniture design.  As a hobby, she loves to dance, especially to the tunes from the West Coast of Africa.  Her main inspiration comes from Lisbon’s unique light.

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