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Self-Care Sessions

Pampering and self-care are important more than ever. Dr. Barbara Sturm, world-recognised aesthetics doctor and partner of ESPA Life at Corinthia, hosts digital masterclasses on Zoom with interactive discussions on her skincare routine and products. She has also launched virtual consultations with her team of aestheticians. During this 20-30 minute talks via FaceTime or Whatsapp, you can learn more about how to care for your skin and treat concerns. Follow her on Instagram and YouTube channel to keep your skin healthy and radiant.

Daily rituals

If you are willing to restore and revitalise, David Higgins, trainer to Hollywood’s elite and co-founder of Corinthia London’s BodySPace, , which can be found on his YouTube channel. He also posts live workouts on his Instagram every day at 11am. Participating in this daily routine, will build your body up, restoring your physical confidence.

A Sublime Hair mask

Corinthia Palace Spa Director Suzanne, shares her recipe for making a hair mask at home with simple ingredients, easily found in many's kitchen pantry. A fun activity to do with the family at home. 

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Gastronomic delight - Corinthia St Petersburg

Carrot hummus with hazelnut and chimichurri


  • Cooked Chickpeas – 100g
  • Hummus – 300g
  • Carrot – 300g
  • Garlic Puree – 15g
  • Ground Cumin – 5g
  • Salt – 5g
  • Black Peppercorn – 2g  
  • Lemon Juice – 30g
  • Olive Oil – 30g
  • Micro Cress – 5g
  • Baby Spinach (1 leaf)


  • Peel the carrots, keep 1 piece for decoration. Cut in small chunks (2cm) The remaining carrots
  • Add together in a pot 10g olive oil, the peeled garlic, the carrot chunks the salt & the cumin. Heat up & stir for a couple of minutes. Add water just to cover the carrot & cook at simmer (without boiling) until carrot is soft.
  • Pour the carrot preparation in a food processor & blend it until smooth.
  • Add up the hummus, olive oil & lemon juice & blend everything together until smooth. Season as per your liking. Cool down the preparation in the fridge for an hour.
  • Slice thinly the spare carrot into ribbons.
  • Serve nicely the hummus in a bowl, garnish it with olive oil, chickpeas, raw sliced carrot ribbons & greens.
  • Serve it with breads, or vegetables sticks.

A sweet escape

Corinthia St George's Bay mixologist Nikola Tikovic shares his recipe on how to create a home-made limoncello. A simple recipe for a digestif which will export you to a heavenly state. 

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A healthy treat Lemon Iced Tea at the Corinthia Palace

  • 80g Sugar
  • 2L Water
  • 100g Loose Tea Leaf
  • 3 lemons (juiced)
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A Collector's Delight

The Calouste Gulbenkian Museum in Lisbon offers a 360º virtual tour. This online visit allows us to discover the Founder’s Collection and Modern Collection galleries. Objects from Ancient Egypt, from the Middle East or works by artists like Rembrandt, Turner, Monet, Rodin or René Lalique are some of the highlights of one of the most important private collections of international art, amassed by Calouste Gulbenkian.
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an Artistic Journey

The National Gallery in Prague offers nice packed online exhibitions to go through from your home. You will find basic information about the works, their authors and other interesting facts. The list of digitalized artworks will be continuously broadened. All the presented information are in English as well.

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The Colours of Life

Maltese artist Stephanie Borg, shares her colouring art  for both adults and children to enjoy. A mindful exercise to help release tension. It is also a fun family activity for those days indoors.

royal hotel budapest

Intellectual Curosities Corinthia Budapest

124 years ago, on the 30 April 1896 The Grand Hotel Royal held its official opening ceremony. The hotel was originally opened for the visitors of the Millennium Exhibition, and later became popular as a hub for the elite of the 19th century society, and a hotspot for contemporary Hungarian writers and journalists, which were located on the Grand Boulevard. By that time, the Grand Boulevard had become the main artery of the capital city, thus these hotel rooms profited from some of the best views of Budapest. In 2003, this property was restored to its former grandiosity, and reopened as the Corinthia Hotel Budapest. 

Meet Susana Bravo

Art induces emotions and feelings on those who see it, as well as on those who produce it. We present you artist, author of several wonderful art pieces displayed at the Corinthia Lisbon. Bravo launched at the age of 27, after several attempts at other jobs, like fashion and furniture design.  As a hobby, she loves to dance, especially to the tunes from the West Coast of Africa.  Her main inspiration comes from Lisbon’s unique light.

"We will fly again, we will discover new cities again, but until then, here’s a taste of what to expect from our destinations, in the comfort of your own home."