The City of Earth

WELCOME TO Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Situated to the northwest of Saudi Arabia’s capital city of Riyadh, Diriyah seeks to attract visitors from around the world with an array of world-class cultural landmarks and experiences. Known as one of the world's greatest gathering places and the City of Earth, this lively hub of business, leisure and culture is a 'Jewel of the Kingdom'.

DISCOVER CORINTHIA in the Jewel from Saudi's Past

Located on a street boasting the world’s best shops, Corinthia Riyadh's design development has been inspired by nature and the surrounding environment which will cultivate the best of sustainable design, extraordinary comfort and an unrivalled offering of activities. Characterised by cutting-edge design and world-class amenities, Corinthia Riyadh will be a sought-after stop for travellers seeking sublime comfort and exceptional, warm service.