The Fish And Chips Are Flying: An Interview With Tom Kerridge

Michelin-starred celebrity chef Tom Kerridge reveals what's going on two months after opening his first London restaurant

We catch up with Tom Kerridge to find out how Kerridge’s Bar & Grill is shaping up, two months after opening. He also reveals his favourite dish and discusses how he’s balancing his busy work and home life.


So, you are two months in since opening, how’s it going?

We are very happy with how it’s going, reviews have been very positive and all the guys working have taken ownership of their space and room, and really have made it their own. Most importantly, the guests appear to be having a lovely time.


What’s been your biggest highlight?

I absolutely love spending time here, the vibe, the space, creates a great atmosphere. Its everything that a restaurant should be, the noise of customers, clinking of cutlery and glasses, and a happy buzz of excitement.


Has anything been challenging?

Running a restaurant is always going to be a challenge, there isn’t one particular thing that has stood out. But it’s the on-going process of spinning plates, keeping me moving about, that is always the challenge.


Have you felt a lot of pressure due to it being your first London restaurant?

Of course, I have felt a lot of pressure but most of that is the pressure of my own making, but I’m very confident in the product that we offer. I love the pressure of it and it’s wonderful to be in a kitchen, spending time at the coal face, being a part of this amazing team.


Which dishes are the most popular?

The fish and chips are a big seller, and the brown butter tart, but for me – my favourite dish is the roast beef cooked on the rotisserie.


Have there been any surprise favourites on the menu?

In every site we have, whenever game is on the menu, it always sells very well, but the venison dish has been a huge seller here. I think this is because people don’t buy it at home, so it gives them an opportunity to enjoy something they can’t buy from the supermarket.


What’s your favourite thing on the Kerridge’s Christmas menu?

Turkey – who doesn’t want turkey at Christmas time?!


How do you balance city life with life in Marlow?

It’s very difficult, it’s a huge juggling act but I’m loving every minute of it. London is such an exciting place to me and Marlow is my home, so I want to be in both places!


Do you feel differently about London as a city now you have a restaurant here?

No, I’ve been very fortunate, I lived in London for 10 years before I moved to Marlow, so I count myself as pretty knowledgeable and count myself as a part time Londoner! My dad was from London so I have a real fondness towards its eclectic and vibrant feel. I’m also very proud that my son was born there.


If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Definitely fish and chips.


Aside from Kerridge’s, what’s your favourite spot inside Corinthia Hotel London?

The BodySPace gym. It’s a great place that’s quite secluded with a great selection of weights.


Who are your top three dream dinner guests?

The late great Paul Bocuse, to chat about cooking at the top end for well over 40 years and how important ingredients are and the warmth of hospitality. Also, David Beckham – I’m a massive football fan, I’d like to know what it felt like to be captain of England and to play for so many iconic football clubs. Then finally, Liam Gallagher. Having met Liam a couple of times, I know he would be great fun and I’m sure he has some brilliant anecdotes.

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