The experience combing the best of European spa and hydrothermal therapy with the essence of Asian wellness philosophy to create a haven of serenity, warmth, and comfort.  With a series of distinct hydrothermal experiences, each thoughtfully designed to soothe and revitalize different parts of your body, the spa offers a truly holistic and rejuvenating wellness experience.

Sensory showers, dynamic pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, bucket shower, cold plunge, ice fountain and cooling walk.

One hour per person: €40
Two hours per person: €60


Before your treatment

Your sublime escape from the everyday awaits. Please arrive 15 minutes early for 30-minute appointments, and 30 minutes early for longer treatments. This allows time for you to change, relax, enjoy the spa facilities and complete a consultation form.


Telephone: +351 217 236 305