Nestled amongst elegance and style, Josephine's brings its own curious, conscious, and crafted personality to an already sophisticated brand. We care deeply about our planet, its inhabitants, and the food we consume on a day-to-day basis. We also care deeply about our customers and felt it necessary to bring this awareness to our brand by creating a delicious and luxurious plant-based coffee shop with sustainably sourced coffee for everyone to enjoy.

Someone who also cared deeply about others, especially about her own family, was Josephine herself. Born on the 12th November 1912, Josephine was the pillar of the Pisani family, the mother, and the carer. Josephine brought affection and grace to everything she touched. Her love was infectious, and her laugh was warm and inviting. She had an adventurous spirit, a taste for life, and a warmth felt by anyone who met her.

Alexandra Pisani, the General Manager, gushes fondly over the sweet memories recounted by her father. "Villa Corinthia held a very special place in her heart, too, as my grandfather acquired the property – with dreams for the family to live in one day. She loved chatting with family and friends over coffee, and she planted lots of lemon trees here in the grounds of the Villa to bring colour to the area." She also loved baking, so much so that her husband often said he would open a confectionary to showcase her talent for making delicious treats.

It's no wonder that, over 100 years later, her memory lives on – from the tastefully crafted Josephine's signature Lemon cake to the curious undertones of our Origin's specialty coffee classics. Her conscious touch shows in every aspect of the coffee shop. Today, and always, we honour Josephine with a coffee concept that we are sure she would have loved.