The ultimate oasis

This Mediterranean-style resort hotel, boasting 162 keys, will offer a suite-led mix spread across two distinct garden zones. One zone will house the low-rise hotel itself, while the other will feature the exclusive Water and Garden Suites, each designed to elevate the guest experience to new heights.

In addition to its luxurious accommodations, the resort will boast the island's most extensive wellness facility, outdoor sports and leisure facilities, providing guests with a sanctuary for both relaxation and entertainment. 

Water Suites

The crowning jewel of the resort, the Water Suites, consists of 37 standalone hotel bungalows, each with private decks situated along a meandering water feature. Spread across acres of lush gardens, these Water Suites are seamlessly integrated into the resort's landscape and can be accessed via thoughtfully landscaped routes and walkways. 

The lead concept and design architects selected to convey this vision are Martin Xuereb and Associates, one of Malta’s foremost firms. They have opted for a design language that we believe to be eminently suitable for the locality.

One that pays homage to the country’s rich architectural legacy yet remains firmly of its time.

One that embraces sustainability principles from conception and construction, right through to operation.

A combination of materials utilised in historic Maltese residential architecture will be integrated alongside contemporary ones, to establish a signature style which celebrates the past and looks to the future.

QP Ltd. a multi-disciplinary professional practice that forms part of the Corinthia Group, is actively involved in all aspects of engineering, project management and cost consultancy on the project.