At Corinthia, we take your work as seriously as we take your comfort. We understand the importance of precise efficiency and flawless technology, and we are as committed to providing the perfect, undisturbed meeting space as we are to staging the most ambitious landmark event. We employ the highest calibre of creative and logistic skill to ensure your event is remembered for the right reasons.

Do what you are good at, and leave the rest to us.

Our stunning destinations deliver extraordinary standards of care. Bespoke group bookings and competitive rates are available throughout the year, and your guests will enjoy a seamless experience in the hands of our professional and caring teams, who are on-hand at all times. Your peace of mind at every step is guaranteed with Corinthia Hotels.

Our Promises

Prompt and personalised response

We will acknowledge your enquiry within three hours and provide a tailored proposal within 24 hours

Personal support

We will provide you with a dedicated and accomplished event manager who is on-hand to assist at every step, and to share insider tips on how to design and deliver the perfect event

Bespoke landing page on

We will design and create a webpage specially for your event, including event details, agendas, maps, menus and city guides. Your delegates and guests can also book their accommodation directly through your customised web page

Organiser upgrade package

We promise an organiser guestroom upgrade, at no extra charge. The event organiser will have complimentary office facilities which include Wi-Fi, fax, printer, espresso machine and desk. Amenities of bottled water, soft drinks and fresh fruit will be replenished daily

Wi-Fi policy

We will extend complimentary Wi-Fi to ensure you can operate your hybrid event at Corinthia with the latest technology

Flexible cancellation

We will offer a 72-hour cancellation policy for groups of up to 30 people

Master account

Corinthia Hotels will offer a 5% rebate on the master invoice for groups and events with signed contracts and deposits six months before the start date of the event

Health promise

We have a designated health & safety coordinator on-hand at each property and are confident that every precaution has been taken, and every foreseeable risk area considered and mitigated.