Our heritage and commitment to excellence has put us in a position to extend our expertise. Our operations team works hard to elevate standards and drive results by mentoring, supporting and guiding the teams within the hotels. Across our entire portfolio, our core objectives focus on increasing ROI, maximising efficiency and motivating our incredible colleagues to strive for excellence. 

Training Excellence

Our human resource practice is world class; we make every effort and allocate significant resources to ensure we recruit personnel with the right values. We then pursue induction, training and career progression with highly structured programmes.

Our ultimate goal is to have qualified and motivated staff in a serene working environment. This is the basis which enables us to deliver a high standard of service to all our guests.

Our hotels are audited extensively, and customer feedback is taken into account for management incentive schemes.

Quality Focus

As a company, we have always prioritised quality in everything we do – quality hotels, a quality experience, quality relationships. At brand level, our documented operating standards have been created to best steer guest experiences to superior levels of quality.

We employ a policy of continuous appraisal of our staff in parallel with the provision of training support on the operating standards themselves.

We ensure Corinthia’s promise on standards is consistently executed for every guest to experience, every day.

Revenue management

This is a key skill built around structure, strategy and entrepreneurial intuition.
Corinthia operates a yield and revenue management structure that guides our hotels on segment and sub-segment selling choices on room rates, aiming to drive the highest room rates and high occupancy levels with the assistance of the use of latest technology e.g. IDeaS G3.

We store all our hotels’ data within a data warehouse which gives our hotels access to a wide range of reports to easily understand historical performance and assist in predicting future performance. We also support our hotels, using TSA, in driving upselling revenue at reservations stage and upon check-in with all properties required to achieve targets augmenting total room revenue on a consistent basis.

Online Distribution

Corinthia World is our online distribution system, feeding, the global distribution system (GDS) and all other online portals and selling sites. The system is powered by the latest technology and underpinned by an extensive, bespoke, globalised team engaged in marketing, social media and public relations. We are well covered in the media, including online, and our search engine optimization and social media strategies ensure that our brand is visible when travelers are making booking choices. 

We also operate a supporting network of sales and PR teams in Beverly Hills, Chicago, New York, London, Germany, Moscow, the Gulf, and Hong Kong.

Loyalty Programme

Our Loyalty programme, Corinthia Discovery, is built around a global infrastructure created by the Global Hotel Alliance (GHA), an association of like-minded luxury and boutique hotel companies, e.g. Kempinski, Leela and Anantara hotels to mention a few. It is a one-of-a-kind loyalty programme that gives members recognition and benefits from Corinthia but also across 30+ other hotel brands with 500+ hotels in 75 countries, rewarding them with Local Experience awards, authentic activities designed to give members the opportunity to connect to the culture and local traditions of each destination.


Whilst we are both owners and operators, we make little distinction between one and the other when managing hotels. Our overriding priorities remain appropriate levels of spend, and achieving manning and efficiencies commensurate with both customer value expectations as well as owners’ targeted return on investment. Programmed audits and efficiency checks enable all our hotel managers to carefully calibrate spending versus profits.