The Best Places To Practice Yoga In Prague

Build up a sweat while discovering inner peace in Prague… here’s where to roll out your mat.

Prague’s wellness industry is in full bloom, and yoga is at the heart of it. A plethora of studios and private teachers offering bilingual classes make it a breeze to roll out a mat in the Czech capital. From building up a sweat with a hot yoga sequence to finding your flow outdoors in nature, nourish mind, body and spirit with our guide to yoga in Prague.

Prague’s Yoga Studios

Uniting 13 yoga teachers from across the world, Prague Yoga Collective presents an extraordinary array of classes at its elegant studio in Rejskova 2. For an exhilarating session, try the Power Hour. Those hankering after a more sedate experience can relax into stillness at Yin Yoga. Feeling adventurous? Prague Yoga Collective’s Manifestation Flow will build your inner strength and raise your vibrational frequency.

A small but sweet yoga studio in the heart of Prague, Yogaspace is led by husband and wife team Ivana and Zbynek. Classes include a comprehensive range of yogic disciplines from dynamic Ashtanga and Vinyasa to gentler Hatha flow, with regular targeted workshops appealing to dedicated yogis.

Rajasthan-born Aruna Singhvi brings three decades of yogic experience to the mat at Yoga Prague. Offering an authentic, more traditional class, Aruna’s sequencing of asanas creates a gentle flow to bring about a palpable sense of inner peace. Her spacious, airy studio is a welcoming place to practice poses in Prague.

Hot Yoga Studios

Prague locals love working up a sweat at Bikram Yoga Prague’s hot classes in its temperature-controlled Pankrac studio. A range of instructors put their own, unique spin on these heat-infused sessions. Cool down afterwards with a freshly pressed pomegranate juice at Bikram Yoga Prague’s Juice Bar.

Founded by international teacher Petra Daňhelová, Hot Yoga 42 was the first Bikram yoga studio in the Czech Republic. Hosting classes for all abilities, Hot Yoga 42 is a great place for first timers to dip their toe in this challenging heated style of yoga.

Al Fresco Asanas

During summer, every Sunday between 4pm and 5.30pm, the Yoga Federation of Europe arranges outdoor yoga sessions in Prague’s leafy Kampa Park. These public classes are open to everyone. Simply bring a mat, wear comfortable clothes and take a deep breath as you stretch out beneath the trees.

Wellness Festivals

Each May, Prague Spirit Festival unites yogis from all across Europe for three days of energising yoga, dance and music. A spectacular array of yoga teachers, meditation gurus and spiritual thinkers participate in the programme. Prague Spirit Festival is underpinned by a warm and delightfully inclusive community feel.

Private Classes

For privacy and one-to-one benefits, Jana Najbrtová is an expert in Zuna Yoga and Tantric Hatha Yoga in Himalayan tradition, and offers private yoga lessons in Prague that last 60 or 90 minutes.

Meanwhile, Kristýna Jandová Novotná’s Yoga Flow Therapy classes will bring about a sense of equilibrium. She mixes in dashes of pranayama (breathing), relaxation and Ayurveda for a very rewarding, uniquely tailored experience.

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