Bethesda Suite

Imbued with the charm of Central Park's Bethesda Bridge, this 113-square-metre suite pays homage to this iconic New York landmark nestled in the heart of the city's leafy home.

Luxury living

This exquisite one-bedroom haven can be found on the 8th floor. Enjoy slow mornings in the Bethesda Suite as you stretch out in a divine bed and savour the slow delights of luxury living.

Relax or entertain

Enjoy a spacious dedicated living area, a stylish dining table, and a separate guest bathroom — an ideal setting for entertaining guests or unwinding in a private retreat within the suite. Stay productive with the suite's dedicated desk, and draw inspiration from captivating street views. 


Just as Central Park becomes your playground when you live on the Upper East Side, The Surrey, A Corinthia Hotel is your go to when staying in New York. Immerse yourself in the hotel's surroundings and unveil the design connections that seamlessly blend the neighbourhood charm with the interior allure.


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