Careers with Corinthia

We are dedicated to providing uplifting moments, unforgettable experiences and exquisite service to our guests around the world. This devotion to unrivalled hospitality standards requires happy employees. Our teams must be comprised of people who feel contented, inspired, secure and respected. This has always been the guiding philosophy of the Pisani family and of Corinthia. We do not think of these roles as being jobs, they are careers, crafts, trades and skills. Therefore, we invest in quality training, education and initiatives to ensure we nurture our employees. Join us.

Current Vacancies

With properties worldwide and two head office locations, now's the time to find your dream role

Current vacancies

Our ethos

Our heart, head and hands play a part in everything we do. By caring about the art of hospitality and perfecting every detail, we work together to uplift the lives of others. There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of providing an unrivalled service that is greatly admired.