Our Purpose & Values

Our Purpose Uplifting Lives

Our purpose at Corinthia is to uplift the lives of every one of our guests, colleagues and communities. We strive for this in every interaction we have, every decision we take, and every concept we create.

Our Founder and Chairman, Alfred Pisani, shares our purpose whenever he addresses colleagues around the world. For him it was there from the day the first ground was broken at our founding property in Malta in 1962, and it continues to inspire every new development around the world today.

It’s evidenced in the warmth and intuitiveness of our service, in the unparalleled environments we create, and in the character of our properties and our people.

To be uplifted is how we want people to feel every time they step through our doors.


The Spirit of Corinthia guides how we make decisions, treat one another, and serve our guests. It comprises nine values that underpin how we achieve our purpose, ‘uplifting lives’. Far more than words, our values are the common thread that unites us all.

We uplift lives by acting in this way:

With our Heart

With our Heart

Care is where it all starts. We build properties and relationships led by the heart - inspired by our purpose to find ways, big and small, to uplift the lives of the people who walk through our doors. We respect and embrace diversity of thought and identity, and commit to bringing positivity to each and every day.

With our Head

With our Head

Corinthia was born from an entrepreneurial spirit and this ambition, determination and creativity continue to drive us forward. We seize opportunities to learn, grow and make things ever better for guests and each other.

With our Hands

With our Hands

We are a leading luxury brand with a passion for excellence, and we‘re proud of our individual skills, flair and attention to detail. But we’re nothing without the team. Elevating each other and reaching out to collaborate and communicate are key to our success.

“Corinthia began as an entrepreneurial family business, and the values of caring for one another, embracing an entrepreneurial spirit and supporting each other’s goals and aspirations will always be at the heart of our brand. Every day we listen to and spur each other on, to bring out the best in one another, so we can uplift the lives of our guests and our colleagues – as professionals, and more importantly, as human beings."