Kai's Songbird

“SONGBIRDS SING… Mah Jong tiles chatter, and your secrets are free to whisper in the breeze.”

A place to savour

Good food and stories are the golden threads that connect us in life. At Kai’s Songbird on the ground floor of the Corinthia Yacht Club, you’ll find a place to share both — as well as destination dining unique to Qatar.

As the sister restaurant to London icon Kai of Mayfair, Kai’s Songbird’s signature ‘liberated Nanyang cooking’ style has a global reputation, combining authenticity with culinary daring to create fusion experiences that define modern Chinese cuisine.

Kai’s Songbird sings from a new bough for the first time in Doha in a stunning glass-fronted restaurant whose aesthetics evoke the natural beauty of a conservatory. Here, light lunches and relaxed dinners of flavours — at once familiar and intriguing — are enjoyed, against the soft patter of conversation and the scent of herbs, creating a balance of sensory joy and moments to savour.

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Originating in the South China Seas, Nanyang flavours are at the heart of Kai’s Songbird, with a menu inspired as much by the region’s local stories as its spices. The low heat of chili and galangal, the zing of lime, the sharing of tales and the inspiration of life’s characters — all are part of the sensory alchemy that turns fine ingredients into great experiences.

Under the talented hand of Chef Loong, the freshest seasonal ingredients are transformed with flair and respect into dishes that delight and challenge expectations, crowned as the evening draws to a close with the playful creativity of Kai’s renowned signature dessert menu.

Our Story

Telling Stories

Telling Stories

We have always wanted to tell stories and cook wonderful food. For us, a meal is always more than just its ingredients; whether the curling broth steam that reminds us of family, the spice that lights the touchpaper on memories or the sizzle of the pan that echoes excited chatter around the table. Dining well is rooted in our culture, but the traditional confines of Chinese cooking itself left little to explore.

Kai Mayfair

Kai Mayfair

When we opened Kai in London’s Mayfair our vision was to liberate Nanyang cuisine to new heights, combining our culinary heritage with some of the city’s cosmopolitan energy and verve. The result was an authentic, yet free cooking style that has redefined modern Chinese cuisine. We were proud to be awarded a Michelin star in 2009, the first ever given for a Chinese restaurant in London and which we have retained ever since. And we enjoy a clientele that returns time and again for the familiarity of excellence and the excitement of innovation.

Kai's Songbird

Kai's Songbird

In looking to create a sister restaurant, the forward-facing energy of Doha seemed a natural location for us. Opening Kai’s Songbird marks a new chapter for our vision — a page to turn that allows us to tell our epicurean stories to a new audience and bring the unique personality of the Kai family to the Pearl, Doha’s most exclusive destination.

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