Discovering Lisbon With Culture Trip And Nathalie Fauquette

An expression of Lisbon's life and culture through innovative dance

Culture Trip and Corinthia Hotels have joined forces to create the ultimate journey through Lisbon, led by Nathalie Fauquette and her creative interpretation of the city’s spirit. Inspired by the melancholic yet irresistible strains of Fado music, Nathalie’s energy complements iconic landmarks, beautiful hidden spots and the elegant Corinthia hotel in equal measure. Watch the video and get Nathalie’s take on the city here. 


What was your impression of Lisbon?

I love this city. It’s amazing, people are friendly there and there is a good vibe in town. the architecture is incredible, you can see beautiful views from a lot of places.

Did anything surprise you about Lisbon?

The perfect harmony between old buildings and new. And all the pieces of street art that you can find on different buildings.

What was your favourite thing about the city?

The lifestyle. There are a lot of beautiful places to drink outside, it’s like an holiday city for me.

How did the city/Fado music inspire your dance routine?

I like Fado music. You can express anything you want with this music, it’s both melancholic and happy. It can bring you to different emotions.

What was your favourite location from the film?

I enjoyed all the locations. Perhaps the terrace of the MAAT museum is my favourite; there was nobody there and the sunrise was so beautiful, it was like I was dancing on the top of nowhere alone with the sun.

If you went to Lisbon again is there anything you would like to do?

Yes, stay longer.

What would you recommend as things to see and do for someone who has never been to Lisbon?

Let’s walk. Walk everywhere. Just be lost and walk, because you will find a lot of beautiful places.

What was your favourite thing about Corinthia hotel Lisbon?

To have a drink on the terrace with the sunset after a big day of shooting.

Top tip for someone who only has a short time to explore the city?

Watch the video and let’s go and walk to all the beautiful points of view.


Locations in the video:

Miradouro da Graca
MAAT Museum
Largo do Intendente
Berardo Museum of Contemporary Art
Praca do Comercio
Corinthia Hotel Lisbon
Padrao dos Deccobrimentos
Miradouro da Senhora do Monte
Tram 28
Ler Devangar bookshop, LX Factory

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