"Good things come to those who believe"

Meet Casa Tua

Join The Surrey in welcoming a sophisticated, yet soulful take on Italian cuisine with renowned restaurant & private members club Casa Tua. The concept curated by Miky & Leticia Grendene is opening its Upper East Side location as a tribute to the vibrant city that surrounds it. With establishments in Miami, Aspen and Paris, each Casa Tua destination offers authentic cuisine, elegant design and impeccable service. The Surrey will hold Casa Tua’s public restaurant and bar, lobby lounge, and its largest private members club to date.



Next stop

The treasured Miami Beach hotspot is a celebrity favourite, which will bring its Italian flair to New York for the first time. From the restaurant and bar to the private members’ club on the second floor, Casa Tua will provide guests here with buzzing spaces to delight, savour and enjoy.

"Your Home"

The term "Casa Tua" translates to "Your Home" in Italian, and our goal is to evoke this sentiment by cultivating a cosy and inviting ambiance for our guests. Expect that fabulous feeling of dining in the comfort of one's own home, where warmth and hospitality abound, ensuring a memorable and delightful culinary experience for all who visit.

The culinary philosophy

Casa Tua proudly presents a menu that pays homage to the varied and exquisite flavours of Italian cuisine. The culinary philosophy revolves around the meticulous selection of premium, fresh ingredients and the application of time-honoured cooking methods. We are committed to upholding this philosophy, serving cherished classics in the heart of the Upper East Side.

Become a member

The 'All Casa Membership' offers unparalleled access to private membership programmes across all Casa Tua locations.