Wedding party at fisherman's bastion, budapest


How did you meet, and how did Lee propose? 
In the beginning of 2012, I moved to England. I planned to stay there for a year. During that period, I was working in a café. The year was about to end and I wanted to spend Christmas at home, then to go back for a couple of months, but when I asked for holiday at my workplace the answer was no. I decided to quit and buy a one-way ticket to Budapest. A few days after I bought the ticket I started talking to Lee. I had met him before as he was a regular guest, but we never spoke a word to each other. That day he wrote his name and number on a napkin, he also wrote: “I think you’re amazing”, and he gave it to me when he left. We met the next day and I told him I was going to move back to Hungary within three weeks but he was quite insistent and kept asking me for more dates. After three weeks I returned to Budapest, and he kept calling and writing, and for five months we spent every other weekend together, either in London or in Budapest. By the end of the 5th month I got my driving license, moved back to London and we moved in together.

Where did the wedding take place, and how many people were there? 
The wedding itself was held in Budapest, at the Fisherman’s Bastion and the wedding dinner was in the beautiful Corinthia Hotel Budapest, in the Grand Ballroom. They are both truly the perfect locations for a fairy tale wedding. The Grand Ballroom with its high ceilings, stunning cornicing and sense of living history all add to the opulence and magic of this stunning room. There were 75 people at the ceremony, but the dinner was much smaller.

What inspired the wedding decoration and the atmosphere of the photos? 
We don’t really like bright colours and we prefer shades of pastel, so we wanted the decoration to reflect this but the overall result was down to the amazing team we had. We trusted ourselves entirely on the film team of András Studinger and his lovely wife Orsolya Pánczél, the excellent photographer Gábor Erdélyi, the decoration specialist Viola Violetta and last but not least the most helpful wedding organisers, Budapest Wedding. These talented artists really understood our personalities, so hats off to them.



During the whole organisation process, what did you spend the most time on? 
Choosing the cameraman and the photographer was the most important for us. We wanted to be sure that this special day would be immortalised by the best experts. When it came to the flowers and vases, my husband had quite a clear concept in his mind, so choosing the right ones was not an easy run.

What was the most memorable moment of the wedding? 
I will never forget the moment when I was walking down the aisle and Lee was standing at the altar. I was so moved that I couldn’t swallow my tears and cried through that 10 meters. It is an indescribable feeling to see all your loved ones standing around, and admiring you with teary eyes.

What's your top tip for brides-to-be?
First of all, choose comfortable shoes. Secondly, choose your dress wisely. Because you want to actually enjoy the most beautiful day of your life. Last but not least, on the way to the altar, don’t forget to look at your partner's face and remember the way they look at you.

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Fisherman’s Bastion

Corinthia Budapest

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Budapest Wedding

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