Renaissance Detox

Retreat to an opulent, detoxifying ritual for an intense therapeutic transformation. This wellness trademark of THE SPA by Corinthia Lisbon involves detoxifying infrared sauna and a lymphatic massage. This activates your metabolism, stimulates blood flow and helps achieve a flawless anti-aging effect. 

Detox and revitalise with a salt and oil exfoliating scrub - algae infrared sauna - scalp massage and moisturiser - 40min of anti-cellulite contouring massage.

Treatment time: 120 minutes
Price per person:  €250

Anti-cellulite Contouring

This revolutionary massage treatment helps reduce fat and the size of the precursors of fat cells known as pre-adipocytes. Furthermore, it activates collagen, fibroblast cells and elastin, tightening and softening the Skin.

Treatment time: 50 minutes
Price per person: €130

Detox Body Treatment

A favourite treatment among restless travellers. Through the healing hands of the spa wellness practitioners. This massage treatment flushes out toxins, and detoxifies the body. A boosted circulation allows cells to obtain the nutrients they need to rebalance the body.

Detox and revive with a salt and oil exfoliating scrub - mud wrap - scalp massage and moisturiser.

Treatment time: 110 minutes
Price per person: €235

Perfect Legs Re-shaping

This deep and comprehensive massage enhances blood and lymphatic circulation, effectively reducing the inflammation often associated with prolonged periods of sitting during a flight. It's a must-have treatment post check-in for travellers.

Includes lower leg and foot and massage.

Treatment time: 40 minutes
Price per person: €100


How to Book

Your sublime escape from the everyday is waiting. Please arrive 15 minutes early for 30-minute appointments, and 30 minutes early for longer treatments. This allows time for you to change, relax, enjoy the spa facilities and complete a consultation form.

Telephone: +351 217 236 305