Hospitality is our business. We are committed to providing unrivalled service both within the walls of our grand ballroom, and outside it. And we understand how great food and drink can make all the difference to an event. Welcome to our catering service, where you imagine, and we deliver.

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Corinthia Budapest

Szabó Ervin Library
Reception capacity: 150/100/100
Banquet capacity: 90/60/60

EXCLUSIVE: Festetics Palace
Reception capacity: 200
Banquet capacity: 100

Extra Ruin Pub
Reception capacity: 300
Banquet capacity: 200

Európa Boat
Reception capacity: 600
Banquet capacity: 450

Gellért Baths
Banquet capacity: 200-250

Kiscelli Museum
Reception capacity: 270
Banquet capacity: 250

Pesti Vigadó
Reception capacity: 500
Banquet capacity: 300

Hungarian National Gallery
Reception capacity: 1,000
Banquet capacity: 500

EXCLUSIVE: Liszt Ferenc Academy
Reception capacity: 350
Banquet capacity: 240

Royal Palace of GödöllÅ‘
Reception capacity: 500
Banquet capacity: 300

Várkert Bazaar
Reception capacity: 1,100
Banquet capacity: 400

Railway Museum
Reception capacity: 2,500
Banquet capacity: 1,500