David Popovits, the owner of Her Majesty the Rabbit secret piano and cocktail bar, gives his insider tips on where to go in Budapest.


In the heart of the Pest side of the city, you’ll discover the enchanting haunt of Her Majesty the Rabbit, a secret bar where great cocktails are served alongside live entertainment. Owner, David Popovits tells us more about his secret city hangout and gives his recommendations on making the most of your time in Budapest.

What can visitors to your bar expect?

Her Majesty the Rabbit is a speakeasy piano and cocktail bar. Mainly we serve members and those special guests who make it to the bar through friends. Speak to the concierge at Corinthia Budapest and they may just be able to help. The Rabbit serves a great variety of spirits and cocktails in a small, cosy venue. During weekdays, the easy sounds of the piano fill the air, and on weekends a gypsy jazz trio makes it a little livelier.

What’s your go-to cocktail of choice?

We have a range of signature cocktails, which are all delicious. I would definitely recommend trying Rabbit on the Moon – it’s fabulous.

If your in-house piano could only play one tune, what would it be?

Take Five by David Brubeck as it’s such a classic.

How would you describe Budapest in three words?

Beautiful cultured mayhem.

What would your dream day in Budapest look like?

Because of my lifestyle, my day goes from evening to evening. So, after a lovely evening walk in the Buda Castle, soaking in the city views from the Fisherman’s Bastion, I would have dinner at Getto Goulash (a modern classic in the Old Jewish district). Then, on for a good glass or two of dry Hungarian white wine (Furmint or Hárslevelű) from Tokaj at Doblo Wine Bar and a good wrap up at Her Majesty the Rabbit. One of the legendary spas of Budapest is a great morning activity – there’s Széchenyi or perhaps Rudas for a Turkish experience. Then I’d venture to Bazilika Square, take the elevator up in the great cupola for another majestic view. The nearby gastro market, Belvárosi Piac, is home to the best crispy duck in KACHA, which is located upstairs by the elevator. Then my afternoon would be reserved for one of the big museums like the Hungarian National Museum or the Museum of Fine Arts, there are interesting exhibitions on all the time. But after 24 hours in the city, you will understand that you need at least a week to do it all.

Any other Budapest recommendations?

I would definitely suggest renting bikes, as they make your life so much easier. A sightseeing bike tour is also a good idea.

What Hungarian food or drink should everyone experience?

Goulash is a must have – it comes in different forms, soup or stew… one of the best is served at BrewDog Budapest, where you can also test some of the best Hungarian craft beers.

If someone hadn’t been to Budapest before, where is the first place you would take them?

I’d have to wait until sundown, as that’s when the city comes alive. A walk across one of the bridges like Chain Bridge is magical come summertime.

What other gems does Budapest have?

Variety is the key in Budapest, there is so much to see and do. Culture hits you at different levels, exhibitions small and big (Műcsarnok is a hall of art and a must-see) and concerts at hundreds of venues (like on the boat A38). Gastronomy has really taken off here and there are Michelin-starred restaurants at hand (like Babel and Borkonyha) and old-style family eateries (like Café Kör or Rosenstein). Sports-wise, you can experience great running around Margaret island or hit the Olympic pools at Sport Uszoda. And don’t miss Europe’s largest synagogue, Dohány Street Synagogue.

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