What's on Concierge recommends

Inside the hotel in February

The Grill special

Visit The Grill this month and relish in our special of the month, gascony baked cheese in puff pastry with onion marmalade.

Winter warmer spa package

A 40-minute, stress-busting back, face and scalp massage with warm oil combined with 35-minute foot massage.

75 - minutes: 2700 CZK


Cocktail hour

Lounge 62 is awaiting your arrival, and it seems only fitting that you sample one of our cocktails of the month, Coco Punch and Ginger Toddy. And don't forget to sip on our sweet Valentine's Day gin cocktail.

Dessert time

Each month a new range of desserts are offered at Lounge 62. This month we are celebrating apples. Come and try apple pie, apple crumble and our delicious apple mousse cake. 

Outside the hotel in February

Prague Carnival (Masopust)

28 February
This annual procession takes place through the streets of Prague. For the carnival, many people choose to dress as mythical creatures or animals.

Ice Rinks

Not just for Christmas, there are outdoor rinks across the city in 2020. Visit Old Town, Tower Ice Park, Arkády Pankrác or Vítězné náměstí.