Our Prague: Fab Meets World and Go With Geets

The dynamic travelling duo check-in to Corinthia Prague

Dynamic digital husband and wife duo Fab Meets World and Go With Geets are more than familiar with a whistle-stop city break. Using Corinthia as their base, they explored Prague in the way they know best, exploring every last cobbled street but making time for a healthy dose of relaxation. Get acquainted with their favourite sights and activities here, and follow the journey via their photo diary.

What were your first impressions of Prague?
Prague certainly had a more medieval look to it in comparison to other European cities I’ve been to, and that isn’t a bad thing! It’s a wonderful place. People were super friendly everywhere we went and it didn’t hurt that we would see Trdlnik stalls at every turn; for a foodie like me, that gave Prague some big bonus points!

How did you get around the city?
Since Corinthia Hotel Prague is located right next to the train station (I mean literally next door!) we travelled mostly by train. We’d jump on for a couple of stops and voila, we’d end up in the heart of Prague. Once we got there it was mostly walking; that’s how you truly get to know a city in my opinion.

What activities (if any) did you take part in?
Truthfully we didn’t get involved in too many activities, although I regret not jumping on one of those segway tours. They look like so much fun! Geets and I mostly roamed the city by walk trying to soak in the culture, finding good photo spots and of course indulging in Czech delicacies like gingerbread and those delicious trdelniks.

Where was your best dining experience?
This is a tough one because we ate some really good food in Prague, but the meal that stood out to me was at the Rickshaw – an Asian restaurant on the 2nd floor of Corinthia Hotel Prague itself. They’ve done such a great job with small details like the decor – even the waitresses for example wear Asian outfits – and the food was just mind-blowing. Thinking about that beef curry with Jasmine rice I ate makes my mouth water every single time… And don’t get me started on those fried banana fritters I had for dessert!

The Grill restaurant comes in at a close second — the food and service there is top notch.

Did you sample any local beer, and if yes where?
We tried beer at a couple of different places, although our most interesting experience was the beer museum next to Charles Bridge. They had a selection of 30 beers, ales and ciders to choose from, so Geets and I (logically) tried an assortment of 5 each. Cheers!


When you travel together, are you usually laid back or adventurous? How did Prague fit this travel philosophy?
Definitely a mixture of both; we have our moments when one of us wants to chill out and enjoy a lazy day at the hotel, and others when we’d prefer to roam the city from morning ‘til night. That’s why I like spending longer in destinations. You get to have a bit of everything.

Considering Corinthia Hotel Prague has such fantastic facilities for relaxation — including a 25th floor swimming pool, treatment rooms, saunas etc — we were able to start the mornings with a calm swim and spend the afternoon being adventurous.

What were both of your favourite things about Prague?
We can both shamelessly admit that spending time in the Corinthia spa was amazing. Going for a swim with views over that beautiful city is just incredible and Geets adored her pamper sessions at the spa.

In terms of Prague itself, we both loved the little markets scattered around the city. Between souvenirs and food stalls, there was always something to distract us! Personally, I really enjoyed the unique style of architecture in Prague. That dark, medieval look is unlike any other city I’ve been to.

What would you do if you went again?
The Astronomical Clock was under renovation when we visited Prague, so I’d love to see it once the scaffolding is off. Also, now that we’ve actually ticked off all the main tourist attractions it would be great to dive deeper into Czech culture and try more authentic food, beers and see where the locals hang out. (Throw in a segway tour for some fun along the way!)

As a very well-travelled couple, what did you find unique about Prague?
While most building and monuments in places like Vienna, Budapest and London have a more polished and clean look to them, Prague has a much darker, medieval vibe to it. It’s certainly different in that way!


What’s your top tip for someone who only has 1 day in Prague?
Now this is a tough one! I’d suggest making use of their subway system to get around quickly. Prague’s train lines are all very well connected making it fairly easy, fast and affordable to get around. I’d recommend starting off at the castle and make your way down to town centre.

Was there anything you had in mind to do in Prague before you went?
Trdelnik, trdelnik and more trdelnik? That’s all I had on my mind, haha.

Truthfully, I went to Prague hoping to figure it out as we went. Geets had made some rough plans of where we should go, but for the most part we just improvised! Spontaneous travel is more fun, don’t you think?

Did anything surprise you about Prague?
The weather! Prague gets surprisingly hot in summer; we were getting between 25-35 degrees.

What’s the best thing about travelling long-term as a married couple?
Being in each other’s face constantly has its consequences, but the best thing has been getting to know each other even better and building these special memories together. I don’t think there’s a better way to get to know someone than to travel together in all honesty. It’s also nice to think that, when we get older, we can look back at these photos and videos we’ve created and say we enjoyed our lives together.

What do you think was different about travelling Prague as a couple, than it would be solo or with friends?
Travelling as a couple (or even alone) gives you a better chance of seeing the real Prague. As fun as it would be to visit Prague with friends — the nightlife looks so fun and the cost of alcohol is pretty reasonable — it’s harder to go off the beaten track when you’re with a large group. While everyone was at bars and clubs, Geets and I could walk down the river bank, soak up Prague’s beautiful riverbank views and actually get to know the city. You have a lot more freedom and flexibility to do what you want.

Which parts of the city did you find most romantic?
I really liked the riverbank area. Charles Bridge by night looks stunning and with the backdrop of Prague Castle, it sets a good scene for a lovely romantic stroll.

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