Real wedding: Lara and André

Bride Lara White explains, how Villa Corinthia proved to be absolutely perfect for her wedding to André

What made you choose the Villa Corinthia for your wedding?
The venue really appealed to my vision for the type of wedding that I was planning. I loved the layout, and the vast amount of space available to us inside and out. I have also known Johanna Ward, the Corinthia Place Wedding and Events Planner, since I was a little girl. Knowing what a perfectionist she is – and her eye for detail – made me feel sure that I was in the safest of hands.

How did the planning go?
It was great! Johanna and her team made the whole process seamless. I told them what I had in mind, and they made it happen. From choosing the menu to laying out the space, their expertise was definitely noticed on the day.

What did you love most about your wedding?
As the wedding was in May, the weather could have gone either way, so we wanted to have options both inside and outside. The Villa Corinthia worked perfectly for this, and I love how the wedding just flowed from outside to in. And the food was a huge plus - everything was delicious and immaculately prepared. From the Butchers' Pride table to the Rickshaw table, we were spoiled for choice.

How did the day go?
I have to say, it went beyond my expectations. When we arrived at the reception, André and I just relaxed, as we saw how beautiful everything was and that everyone was smiling. We were honestly able to enjoy the day because everything just fell into place and was so efficiently carried out. There were literally no hiccups at all.”

How would you describe the team?
When we were planning the wedding, the team, and especially Johanna, were so patient with us. They were very understanding of our wants and ideas, but also very forthcoming when it came to giving us their ideas and expertise. Everything was done so professionally and it just made the whole experience more pleasurable.