Between meetings in Malta

Spend your downtime wisely and discover the real magic of Malta.

Corinthia Palace is perfectly located for exploring Valletta, San Anton Palace and the ancient city of Mdina. Even when in meetings from dawn till dusk, there are plenty of opportunities for sightseeing and relaxation right on the doorstep.

San Anton Palace

Located just steps from Corinthia, San Anton Palace and Gardens is the official home of Malta's president, but eagle-eyed visitors may recognise it as the Red Keep location from Game of Thrones. Tours are available to book, but the gardens are also a beautiful place to steal a peaceful moment in the middle of a busy day.


With shuttle transport readily available from the hotel to Malta's capital city, there's plenty of opportunity to discover Valletta even during a short stay. An essential stop is St John's Co-Cathedral, a gilded Baroque masterpiece originally built in the 16th century. It also houses Caravaggio's The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist. The National Museum of Fine Art (home to a Turner watercolour of Malta) and the National Museum of Archaeology (containing Neolithic artefacts) are both within minutes from the cathedral. When in Valletta, there's nowhere better for a cocktail than the Charles Grech café; there's plenty to choose from as the bar is currently the largest importer of spirits on the island.


For an out-of-the-ordinary souvenir to take home, look no further than Mdina glass. Made locally in Ta' Qali, the resident crafstpeople create a huge variety of top-quality glassware. Inside the walls of the ancient city, the Museum of Natural History and St Agatha's Crypt are both well worth a visit. With the former housing exhibits dedicated to Malta's geology and palaeontology, it's perfect for immersing yourself in Maltese history. Meanwhile, St Agatha's Crypt tells the story of Malta's earliest Christians, giving another facet to the island's rich, if turbulent, history.

Maltese Wine Tasting

Wine expert Georges Meekers knows Maltese wine inside out: "Malta’s quality wines are boutique wines. They are ready for prime time and produced in extremely small quantities that are hard to prise away from the archipelago. If forced to choose, I would recommend two wines made from the native Ġellewża grape variety, which is extremely rare and underrated. Delicata’s latest red wine specialty, released under the Medina brand, might gain fame as ‘the Pinot Noir of Malta’ one day for its nose of violets and broad palate of plum and cherry fruit, with an intriguing touch of liquorish. The other would be a delicately sparkling pink wine labelled as Delicata’s Ġellewża Frizzante, which brims with strawberry flavours and plenty of zing.” Seek out local wines in a stunningly authentic setting at Trabaxu Wine Bar in Valletta.