Experience the Warmth of the Mediterranean

Staying at Corinthia Palace grants you access to some of the most attractive spots across Malta. Whether you desire a brisk walk through our historical streets or a dive into the inviting and diverse Mediterranean Sea, whatever you pick it's all within your reach.

If you head North from Corinthia Palace, visit the true definition of languid perfection, Ghajn Tuffieha and Golden Bay, Malta's most beloved beaches:

Both locations merge uncharted rough terrain with blissful beachside tranquility. Ghajn Tuffieha, however, is a little more challenging to get to with a descent of 200 steps (it may be more difficult to leave as you'll have to climb back up the 200 steps you came down on). Still, once you reach the bottom, you're met with soft golden sand, thick scrub, semi-arid steppes, and a salty flavour attached to the warm Mediterranean air. Watch the soft waves crash into the shore as the sun sets on this perfectly magical bay. 

If climbing up and down steep steps doesn’t entice you, luckily, Golden Bay is just a short walk away. You can even drive directly to the beach as a comfortable yet limited car park is available. Golden Bay is slightly wider than its sister beach and ever so picture perfect. If you're an early riser, discovering Golden Bay in the morning is a must as you'll beat the tourist traffic and instead embrace the subtle soft natural sounds of seagulls flying and waves crashing. Your beachside dreams are made into a reality when visiting these two bays.

Heading West, you'll reach Dingli Cliffs, but further up from that is the quintessentially unknown gem to brace the edge of Malta, Migra L-Ferha in Rabat:

Make sure to bring your hiking shoes when venturing to this undiscovered location, as you'll have a first-hand opportunity to hike along the cliffs of the West of Malta. As well as a pair of comfortable shoes, bring your swimming gear! If you're brave enough to venture down an unpaved path to the vast open sea, you'll have the chance to swim amongst the rough cliff edge. Brace yourself, however, as the deep and dark water is less inviting than other spots around the island. For the hidden adventurer inside you, taking a quick dip will surely leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized after a hike under the hot Maltese summer sun. Visiting Migra L-Ferha allows you to explore the Maltese Islands' landscape and leaves a long-lasting magnetic and mystical impression on you. 

After your cliff edge adventure, venture South to Marsaxlokk and visit the spectacularly colourful and vibrant local fish market:

Quenching your seafood street food thirst, Marsaxlokk's local fish market will surely provide a perfect glimpse into Malta's local fish market scene. Set amongst fishing boats, fishermen and crystal-clear blue sea, this particular local market is bursting with tradition and culture. Long stalls of freshly caught fish fill the edge of the roads and seafood restaurants and bakeries selling traditional pastizzi are found at the end of the promenade. Grave through the vibrant colours of the sea and view the many wonderful options the stalls have to offer; you'll find local prawns, pagella, lampuka and more. It is no wonder Marsaxlokk is Malta's largest fishing village and a must-see in summer.

It won't be a complete discovery of the island without a stop at Malta’s Capital City, Valletta on the East of Malta:

Even throughout the warm summer months, Valletta's 365-day charm holds firm. The many coffee shops and restaurants are bursting with vibrancy and Maltese authenticity. The narrow streets and traditional Maltese balconies further entice you to explore its traditional charisma. And the many historical churches, museums and landmarks will forever position Valletta as a prominent historical getaway. The list of restaurants to stop at for lunch or dinner are endless, boasting multi-cultural cuisines with fresh local produce, set in charming buildings across an elegantly built city. Make sure to visit the Saluting Battery, Valletta's traditional ceremonial platform from where gun salutes are fired. No visit to Malta is complete without a day spent in Valletta.

Corinthia Palace’s unique 360-degree position allows easy access to many unique sites across the island and any Malta experience of choice. From tranquil beachside gateaways, to a cliffside adventure, a visit to a charismatic and colourful local fish market, or a visit to a historical city bursting with history. Malta during the summer months offers a range of activities sure to entice all interests and desires. Malta is at your doorstep when staying at Corinthia Palace.