A Day In The Life Of A Luxury Wedding Planner

What's it's really like to be a leading wedding planner in London

Your wedding day. The best day of your life. You’re going to need someone dedicated to every detail to help you prepare such a momentous occasion. That’s where Alexandra Pisani comes in. Starting as the senior wedding planner at Corinthia Hotel London, Alexandra now runs her own stand-alone wedding and event planning business, Alexandra Pisani & Co.

If you ever wondered what it’s really like to be a five-star wedding planner, you’re about to find out. Here’s a typical day in the life of Alexandra Pisani.


Today I wake up at 5am. Most of my mornings follow a similar sort of routine. I usually wake up early and it is essential that I fit in my meditation before I start my day. I spend around 10 minutes on this, and it really focuses my mind. I then usually try to fit in some form of exercise – this varies from pilates and weight training to more intense bootcamp sessions. My favourite places are Barry’s Bootcamp and Sweat IT and today I’m off for an early morning class at Barry’s.


This is the time that I usually arrive at my desk, so I can get a head start on the day. First things first, I reply to new client enquires. Because I want my service to be bespoke and personal, the first point of contact is always me. But as well as replying to new clients directly, now is also the time I would liaise with existing clients and key suppliers.


The mornings vary depending on what meetings I have that day, but if I’m in the office then I will regroup with my team. Today we had a strategy meeting about upcoming events.


I usually have a light lunch around this time, if I don’t have any client meetings scheduled.


The afternoons are when I schedule in a lot of my meetings. There is often a lot of running around to various locations in central London, but I do try and hold many of my meetings at Corinthia London, because it is such an inspiring beautiful space. On this particular afternoon, I am meeting a couple that are getting married in June 2019. I meet them at their house in Kensington to have their first design meeting – it’s a very exciting thing to be involved with.


Industry events take up some of my evenings. I try to go to these as much as possible  –  it is always good to network and stay in the loop with what’s going on. Tonight, I head to a wine tasting evening, along with some fellow wedding planners. However, on nights when I’m not working, I spend quality time with my partner or have friends over at our home.


On a usual day, I’m in bed around 9pm to read a book. I am currently reading Sapiens and I have just finished the Unfinished Palazzo by Judith Mackrell, which was such a great read.


I try to end the day with five minutes of meditation to really wind down, and of course I then set my alarm for that 5am start.

Alexandra Pisani on wellness

What does wellness mean to you?
To me, wellness is being aware of every choice we make in regards to our mind and body. The mind, body and spirit must be linked. Mindfulness is key to wellness.

What does your ultimate ‘self-care’ Sunday look like?
A self-care Sunday includes waking up and doing my morning meditation, followed by a long walk by the river before picking up a coffee from my favourite cafe in Parsons Green. I would then either do a power yoga class or a pilates class. The afternoon would consist of reading or journaling. I would end the day with an at-home massage.

What wellness trend will you be following in 2020?
I’ve been hearing a lot about Gong Sound healing, which is an ancient therapy that has been used for relaxation and de-stressing. Bamford Haybarn Spa In Brompton Cross holds weekly sessions that I am keen to try.

What’s going to be lifting your spirits this January?
I am finalising plans to go to the Atacama Desert in Patagonia in January / February which will definitely be lifting my spirits.

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