The exhibition "ATOMIC LEDA and other images of Gala in the works of Salvador Dali" is being held in the Fabergé Museum from 13 October 2021 to 16 January 2022 with support from Corinthia St Petersburg.

The exhibition features a unique selection of works by Dali of his wife, Gala, and many photographs describing the story of their extraordinary relationship.

Gala, born Elena Dyakonova, was the wife and muse of Salvador Dali, a mysterious and inspiring woman. Dali worshipped Gala and created many works that he considered so valuable and significant for his art that, at his request, they were constantly exhibited in his Theater-Museum in Figueres.

Many of these works are now on display at the exhibition in St. Petersburg. Its central work - "Atomic Leda" - was created by Dali in 1947-1949 and is truly considered one of his most important creations.

Corinthia St Petersburg has prepared a special package, DISCOVERY OF SALVADOR DALI, that includes tickets to the exhibition.

An additional highlight to this exciting journey for the hotel guests is signature cocktails - "Atomic Leda" and "Genius Muse" - created in honour of the art and personalities of Dali and Gala, offered in the Lobby Bar.

It is not by chance that Corinthia St Petersburg has become a partner of the Fabergé Museum in this outstanding project. The hotel is located in three majestic 19th-century buildings on Nevsky Prospect and is a 15-minute walk from the museum. It is the only St. Petersburg hotel with a memorial museum at its core, the museum-apartment of the Samoilov family, a famous Russian actor’s dynasty.