Environmental action from Corinthia Hotels in 2018

During 2018, some 762 pupils and 14 teachers at Buwambo Primary School in Uganda have Corinthia Hotels to thank for clean, safe water and an end to their daily 1.5km walk to fetch water.

Corinthia Hotels, the collection of luxury hotels around the world, prides itself on robust CSR credentials, and the Ugandan example is just one of many achieved through the company’s Premier Partnership with international water-aid charity Just A Drop.


At Buwambo Primary School in Uganda, Corinthia Hotels has brought clean, safe water and sanitation to the pupils and teachers by constructing a 30,000-litre water storage tank to collect safe water through the rainy season, a gender-sensitive latrine block, including urinals and washroom, and conducted WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) education.

Previously, pupils were collecting water from a shallow well which was 1.5km away from the school. Pupils were regularly missing lessons to go and collect water from the well and then carrying it back up the hill to school.

Over the years Corinthia Hotels has benefitted over 40,000 people through its support of Just a Drop, across seven projects in three countries (Uganda, Zambia and Tanzania).

Corinthia’s chairman, Alfred Pisani, says of the initiative: “The results have positively touched the lives and futures of so many. We are pleased to continue our work with the Just a Drop team, which has become a benchmark for the travel industry in caring for the very communities around the world that host our guests.”

Corinthia’s environmental sustainability is championed not only through its support of Just A Drop but through eco-friendly policies within the hotels. The group’s philosophy is to become a more environmentally-conscious business while technological improvements are allowing it to protect the environment and be economically efficient at the same time.

“We strive for sustainability across three areas of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda, in environmental sustainability, personal sustainability and community sustainability,” explains Chief Commercial Officer Matthew Dixon.

Each of the hotels in Corinthia play their part, whether it be offering interest-free loans for bicycle purchases (at Corinthia Hotel London), fund-raising for worthwhile charities (all Corinthia Hotels) and installing solar thermal panels (at Corinthia Hotel Lisbon). These are just some of the ways in which Corinthia Hotels is developing energy-efficient hotels and exceeding the group’s corporate social responsibility targets.

It began at Corinthia Hotel Lisbon 13 years ago and was recognised for its efforts in 2013 when the hotel was awarded the Western Europe Energy Project of the Year. The Lisbon hotel initiatives have become a source of inspiration for the other Corinthia Hotels in the group.