What to Pack for Winter in Prague


Be prepared for the elements with this essential packing list

A city of pretty gingerbread house facades and fairy-tale palace spires, it could be said that Prague was made to be dusted with snow. The sub-zero temperatures of winter fail to chill the city’s festive spirit, and from late November it hums late into the evening with vibrant Christmas markets, concerts, and busy ice rinks. You’ve chosen a great time to visit Prague, but what should you pack? We’ve listed the essential items to take on a winter escape.

 A Thick Winter Coat
A warm coat is key for a winter trip to Prague. Some of the city’s best attractions are outdoors, from watching the New Year fireworks on Charles Bridge to simply admiring the grand architecture. Long, lined woolen or quilted goose-down numbers are stylish choices guaranteed to keep you toasty. Leave room for a few pieces of chunky knitwear too; when you inevitably head indoors to sample the bustling beer halls and old-school cafés (for which the Czech capital is famous), you will want to ditch a layer or two.

A Hat, Scarf, and Gloves
When you’re weaving your way through the Christmas Markets at Old Town and Wenceslas Squares, or donning your skates for an evening on the Ovocny Trh ice rink, you will need a thick scarf and warm hat. Likewise, while that obligatory cup of steaming mulled wine might warm your fingers temporarily, you will be grateful for a pair of cosy cashmere gloves once you’ve taken your last sip.


A Pair of Winter Boots
Frost, snow, and even the odd shower are not uncommon occurrences during the winter season in Prague, and the city’s cobbled streets and hilly areas can get a little slippery if you’re not suitably attired. Whether you’re taking a scenic stroll up to Prague Castle for striking views of the city and a wander around the galleries, or ambling around the pretty Old Town center, a pair of sturdy boots that can withstand a little water are a wise idea.

Something Smart
Prague is renowned for its classical music; Mozart premiered his opera Don Giovanni here and the celebrated Czech composer, BedÅ™ich Smetana used the city’s Vlatva River as the subject of his greatest symphony. Over the festive period, the concerts across the city only get more elaborate and exciting. Catch the Prague Symphony Orchestra at the art nouveau beauty, Smetna Hall, or opt for a Tchaikovsky ballet at the velvet-swathed National Theatre. Whatever you choose, you’re going to need something elegant to match your surroundings.