Solo Travel in Prague: Five Reasons to go it Alone


Challenging, liberating and unforgettable, there’s a reason solo travel in Prague is so popular

Prague may be known as a city for lovers, but there’s plenty on offer for solo travellers, too. While touring in a group has its advantages, travelling alone is an entirely different experience that enables visitors to more deeply immerse themselves in the fascinating culture of the Czech capital. If you’re planning an independent adventure, follow this guide to solo travel in Prague and discover what makes the city such a great place to go it alone.

Why go solo?

Solo travel is one of the fastest-growing trends in tourism. As holidaymakers increasingly realise its perks, more and more people are being seduced by the freedom offered on independent trips. For many, being alone isn’t a lonely experience, but a personal challenge and a chance to really focus on the experience of visiting somewhere new. It also opens up the doors to spontaneity. In the sociable city of Prague, there are plenty of guaranteed ways to meet fellow travellers, so having the freedom to make and change plans is a bonus.

Group sightseeing

With so much to see and do in Prague, it can at times seem overwhelming. Make life a little easier by joining a walking tour with a local expert; as well as being the perfect opportunity to learn about the city, walking tours are also an excellent way to meet other travellers. Discover Prague offers a variety of tours, including the free 2.5-hour Prague Royal Walk. Hosted six times a day by friendly, knowledgeable guides, the walk takes guests to many of the Old Town’s most prized sites and attractions, such as the Charles Bridge, the Astronomical Clock, the Jewish Quarter, the Church of our Lady Before Tyn, Palais Kinsky and St Nicholas Church.


Bonding over beer

For those who’d rather explore at their own pace, Prague offers another great way to meet people: beer tasting tours. Hosted by the likes of Discover Prague and Viator, tours take participants on a journey through the Czech Republic’s favourite beverage. An expert introduces guests to the world of Czech beer brewing and guides them through a tasting of around seven different premium beers, ranging from velvety Porters to golden Pilsners.

Travel apps

Like any other cosmopolitan city, almost everything in Prague can be found online. For sightseeing inspiration, download Czech Tourism’s travel guide Czech Republic Land of Stories; for navigation, you can’t go wrong with Google Maps (you can download the entire city ahead of time and access it later offline); for taxis, download Uber Prague or the local Liftago; and for public transport, the Jízdní řády journey planner will help you map out your route.

Safety tips for solo travellers

As one of the safest cities in Europe, Prague is a great place to travel alone. Crime rates are low but, like most other major cities, there’s always the risk of petty crime such as theft, so take extra care with your belongings, especially on public transport. The city is also safe at night – just keep an eye out for trams – and licensed taxis are always readily available and recognisable by a yellow roof lamp stating TAXI in black.