Ultimate Business Travel Hacks

Bank these handy tips before jetting off on your next business trip

If your job requires you to travel around the world or jet off at the drop of a hat, you are going to need to perfect the process. Follow our nifty travel tips to be able to get from A to B without a hitch – and without jet-lag either…

Play The Long Game

Purchase a longer charging cable. Whether you’re desperately trying to power up at an airport with awkwardly placed plugs or the hotel room your staying in hasn’t got a socket next to the bed, you will be oh-so grateful of a longer charging cable when you are away on business.

Power Up

On the topic of charging, don’t just rely on the traditional power outlets to ensure you have enough juice to get you through your meetings. Pack an external battery charger or better yet, invest in a charging phone case so you’ll never have the 1% battery dread.

Pack Savvy

When you pack, pack for the unexpected. Your itinerary may be set as back-to-back meetings all day and free time in the evenings, but don’t bank on that actually going to plan when you get there. If your client decides that post-meeting drinks are on the agenda, you’ll be thankful to have evening attire to hand. Equally, if you end up getting an unexpected day off, you may require a casual outfit for exploring your hotel’s surroundings.

Roll With It

To minimise the need for pressing when you arrive at your destination, it’s best that you roll your clothes neatly instead of folding them. As well as preventing major creases, this savvy technique will also save you space, too. Win, win.

Don’t Forget To Download

Make sure you do a mass download of any films, shows, books and podcasts you might want on your devices before you actually set off on your travels. You never know when you are going to be stuck somewhere without Wi-Fi with lots of time to kill.

Get Appy

Think about which apps could help assist you in your travels. Uber, for example operates in over 80 countries. The Trip Advisor app is another good one to download, so you can easily look up local restaurant recommendations. Of course, messaging apps like What’s App and Skype are essential for keeping in touch while travelling around.

Carry On

Although we’ve said it’s important to pack for every eventuality, equally it’s important not to over pack. Try and keep your luggage to a minimum, only taking a carry on, because that means a swifter exit from the airport once you’ve touched down.

Eat Smart

If you are on a long-haul flight, eat according to the time zone you are travelling to. For example, if you are travelling somewhere and you are due to arrive at 10am their time, ensure you have a light breakfast on the plane or in the airport, to set your body clock up right for the rest of the day. Jet-lag? What jet-lag?

Layer Up

Travelling from one country to another will often mean a change in climate, which means having to cleverly dress for both places. Wearing multiple layers is key – you are able to shed them when needed and pile them back on again when necessary, so you’ll never arrive at that all-important meeting sweating or shivering.

Optimise Your Journey

It’s not very often you get a set number of hours to yourself with no distractions, so utilise this time wisely. Whether it’s preparing your presentation, clearing your inbox, memorising your elevator pitch or simply having a snooze to ensure you are bright-eyed on arrival. Just be sure to make the most of your travel time.

Taxi Trick

Instead of joining the mammoth queues, along with your fellow travellers, outside of the arrivals entrance, whip around to the departures gate where taxis will be dropping people off and you’ll have more chance of tracking one down swiftly.