Mark Agnew, general manager Corinthia Prague

"A very seasoned general manger once told me that if you want to lead people to success in the hotel industry, be sure you understand what they do on a daily basis."

You’ve been in hospitality for 30 years. Tell us what it’s been like.

It’s been a fantastic learning and cultural journey with highs and lows, thrills and spills, laughing and crying, sheer panic and absolute heaven, ignorance and bliss. After working in 12 international hotels in seven different countries I am still fascinated by the industry and I look forward to a different experience every day in the hotel.

Did your early days in hospitality industry help you to prepare for a position of GM?
It certainly did, I was given some great advice when I started by a very seasoned general manger, who told me that if you want to lead people to success in the hotel industry, be sure you understand what they do on a daily basis. Take your time to work your way through the many different disciplines in the hotel and take that knowledge of what is like to be a waiter, a housekeeper, a desk agent, an accountant with you on your journey. Learn from those around you, no matter what their position.

Is there anything in particular about your position as GM of Corinthia Prague that you are most excited about?
My career path was mainly through food and beverage and my passion was always in events and event management so being in one of the largest MICE hotels in the city next door to the Prague Congress Centre is exciting for me. Prague has so much to offer to the international MICE guest, it is a historical, cultured city with great people and activities, beautiful places to visit in a very accessible central European city. With our hotel right next door to the Congress Center and the gateway into the city what a winning combination.

How do you want to provide uplifting experiences for guests?
We live uplifting lives for both our guests and employees, we look for ways to enhance the experience in our hotel through service and actions, a genuine, open and positive approach to our daily encounters with our guests. In our MICE business our teams approach each meeting with a thoughtful, creative and entrepreneurial fashion, each client is different and has different priorities, we use our experience to add that extra dimension to the meeting to exceed expectations.

How do you relax after work?
More work.

If your friend was visiting Prague, where would you take them?
So much choice, so many fine things to see but a Czech restaurant with the best beer in the world is always at the top of the list.

Tell us what it’s like working for Corinthia.
The best!