Karen Joy, head chef Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa

"I highly recommend the clay pots on the menu – it’s always fun to watch your food being cooked live at your table."

Rickshaw is Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa’s award-winning Far Eastern restaurant. Located within Caprice Lounge, this eatery has become a household name in the decades since it first opened its doors – known for its fantastic range of Oriental cuisine, its dedicated service and its welcoming atmosphere.

At its helm is Head Chef Karen Joy, who has been in the role for nearly two years. “I love my job,” Karen smiles, “and I am so grateful to our Executive Chef Stefan Hogan and our General Manager for entrusting me with it!”

Karen hasn’t always been a chef – she started her career in occupational therapy and helped to rehabilitate people for five years. But, even then she loved the cooking-related aspects of her role and was pleased when her uncle offered to send her to a culinary school in Manila, in the Philippines, where she grew up.

“I chose to specialise in continental cuisine at the time but, upon moving to Malta, I started training at Rickshaw and I loved it – even though my first job was to chop a whole box of onions. I even burned the crispy seaweed on my first day! Thankfully, the head chef at the time taught me everything I needed to know and I soon learnt the ropes.”

Today Karen relishes the lively atmosphere at the restaurant and enjoys combining a range of cuisines from across the Far Eastern region. “The curries are my personal favourites,” she says, “because I love experimenting with spices from different countries. But if you come for a visit, I highly recommend the clay pots – it’s always fun to watch your food being cooked live at your table.”

“Our menu is a really good representation of the wonderful Far Eastern region,” Karen continues, “and it is a pleasure to get to bring it to life every evening, along with all my colleagues from the Rickshaw kitchen and restaurant.”