What's on Concierge recommends

Inside the hotel in February

Lunar brunch

2 February 
12 noon - 4pm

Carnival brunch

9 February
12 noon - 4pm

Valentine's Day brunch

16 February
12 noon - 4pm

Pirates brunch

23 February
12 noon - 4pm

Fancy a tipple?

Whether you are in the mood for a pre-dinner cocktail or you want to embark on a quiet night cap, Le bar is waiting. 


Outside the hotel in February

Budapest Independent Film Festival

6 - 7 February 2020
Screenings are in English (or with English subtitles), so grab your chance to see an interesting flick.

Beethoven Marathon

2 February 
Students of the Liszt Academy of Music will perform free concerts in the Glass Hall, while memorable performances will be brought to life on the screen in the Auditorium at MÜPA.