The locals in St Petersburg make good use of their public transport, which is extensive if not particularly efficient or reliable. There are about 40 tram lines, close to 400 bus routes and numerous trolley buses, but nothing runs after midnight. Bus, tram and trolley bus tickets can be bought from kiosks, or drivers, and validated on boarding. Tram and trolley stops are marked with a 'T' sign hanging from the overhead wires.
A popular form of local transport is the network of passenger vans or 'marshrutka' which follow the same routes as buses and trams and stop on request. St Petersburg's metro has five lines and 67 stations and is extremely efficient and easy to use as one of the central metro stations is within 5 minutes walk from our hotel. It is very difficult to get lost there as all signs are translated into English.
Tokens and multi-journey cards can be obtained at the stations, while taxis, which are clearly marked, can either be hailed in the street or booked by our Concierge. Check that the meter is working or negotiate with the driver before you leave.