Ask the Concierge

What are the main places of interest in St Petersburg?

There are many places to visit in St Petersburg including the State Hermitage Museum, the St. Isaak’s Cathedral, the Peter & Paul Fortress, the Kazan Cathedral, the Alexander Nevskaya Laura, the Russian Museum and the Church of Our Saviour on Spilled Blood amongst others.

What are the White Nights?

White Nights are so called due to St Petersburg’s very north geographical location. It stands at such a high latitude that the never descends deep enough below the horizon for the sky to get dark. The dusk meets the dawn and it is so bright that in summer street lights are not turned on. The White Nights period is from the middle of May till the middle of July. Enjoy the romance of a stroll along the rivers and canals or enjoy a boat trip beneath the drawn bridges when night is as bright as early evening.

What are the key events during White Nights?

1. The "Stars of the White Nights - a series of classical ballet, opera and orchestral performances at the Mariinsky Theatre directed by Valery Gergiev. 2. The Scarlet Sails - the most famous public event during the White Nights, known in Russian as "Alye Parusa", to celebrate the end of school. 3. Open-air performances by many Russian and foreign celebrities.

What are the best places for ballet, opera and genuine Russian Folk Shows?

The Mariinsky Theatre is the best place to enjoy world-renowned performances by leading opera, ballet and theatre stars. Other famous places for ballet and opera are the Mikhaylovsky Theatre and the Hermitage Theatre. The best Russian Folk Show is performed in the Nikolaevsky Palace.

What is worth visiting outside of St Petersburg?

Outside of St. Petersburg, the primary places to visit are the former summer royal residences in the suburbs. Visit the Peterhof Palace with its magnificent park and fountain ensemble, the Catherine Palace with its famous Amber room in the town of Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin); the Pavlovsk Palace with its beautiful, natural park; the Lomonosov Palace, Gatchina and many others.