“Well, my life is a work of art by my Creator. I am perhaps merely the paint that drips and flows one way or the other. The happenings, surprises and situations that developed in my life coupled with the divine design is shaping the way the picture will look at the end.” Ray Piscop.

We currently hold an art exhibition by Mr Ray Piscopo, one of Malta’s leading artists in the magnificent Villa Corinthia. Mr Piscopo has some of his fabulous pieces and being displayed in the Villa Corinthia.

To view Mr Ray Piscopo’s collections please view or on brochure


Opening Hours:

The general public is welcome to visit this exhibition any time of the day.

For information please feel free to contact us on +356 2144 0301

Corinthia Palace Hotel and Spa

Ray Piscopo

To view Mr Ray Piscopo’s collections please download the brochure