Malta guide

Dazzling beaches, cosmopolitan facilities and a warm climate make this a perfect holiday destination for any age group. Whether on the main island, or on its quiet and beautiful sister-island Gozo, a love of good food and an appreciation of art, together with the regular celebrations or festas that add colour and vibrancy, make Malta a unique and friendly country.

For four days of island pleasures:

Day 1
Enjoy a cultural adventure with an exciting safari trip. Focussing on the megalithic temples, believed to be among the oldest free-standing structures in the world, your jeep adventure will search out signs of a civilisation dating back 8,000 years.

Day 2
Stroll along the colourful seafront in the village of Marsaxlokk and watch the fishermen bringing in their daily catch, ready for you to savour at one of the many excellent restaurants dotted along the harbour.

Day 3
Visit the mediaeval city of Mdina, dubbed the Silent City, and stroll through the winding streets before ending at the citadel and marvelling at the panoramic views over the sweeping countryside. Then, take a trip to the more baroque city of Valletta, which replaced Mdina as the country’s capital. Once described as ‘a city built by gentlemen for gentlemen,’ Valletta is a World Heritage site and an open-air museum with rich architecture that makes it a must for any visitor.  Take a break with a stop at one of the many excellent coffee shops and try some tempting local sweets, such as the honey rings and the traditional date diamonds.

Day 4
A dose of retail therapy on the streets of modern Sliema will offer up the latest fashions and designs. After exercising your wallet, take an unforgettable harbour cruise covering the ancient fortifications of the legendary Knights of Malta. Alternatively, cross over by ferry to the laid-back island of Gozo, to enjoy a relaxing, magical day.