The Annual Strawberry Festival


The picturesque parish square in the agricultural village of Imgarr will host 'Festa Frawli' - the annual Strawberry Fair.

Each year, the tiny village of Imgarr is flooded with both juicy strawberries and fruit lovers who converge to celebrate the sweet, red fruit which is characteristically linked to the fertile lands around the village. On Sunday 6th April, visitors will be able to slate their thirst for both fat, fresh strawberries and a wide variety of desserts, snacks and beverages all made with Imgarr strawberries and prepared by professional chefs. Special activities will also take place throughout the day, including the unveiling of Malta’s largest ever strawberry gateau and a strawberry cupcake competition. Folk and Ethnic music will be performed by leading Maltese artists, making the day a truly unique celebration of Maltese agricultural heritage.

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