The Sleep Menu

A menu has been designed by Nutritional Therapist Jeannette Hyde and Executive Chef Garry Hollihead which will be available in the bedrooms, The Northall Bar, The Lobby Lounge, and ESPA Life at Corinthia.

The menu is based on four principles:

  • Balancing blood sugar levels, for example, by including protein with each meal, especially breakfast. This helps avoid cravings for stimulants which may be unhelpful to relaxation.
  • Including foods rich in proteins containing amino acid tryptophan in the last meal of the day. Tryptophan is used to make sleep hormone melatonin.
  • Combining tryptophan-rich foods with sugar or refined carbohydrates, as these speed up absorption of tryptophan.
  • Including magnesium-rich foods, to relax muscles and mind.
  • Including omega-3 essential fatty acids – contained in foods such as salmon, haddock, eggs, pumpkinseeds, walnut oil – for brain health.

Guests can order pumpkinseed cookies and warm milk at bedtime. These have been chosen as the amino acid tryptophan-rich pumpkinseeds combined with the lactose sugar in the milk may help production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Alternatively, a herbal tea made of Valerian will be available.

“Of course there are many factors which can disrupt sleep, but eating food of excellent provenance containing quality proteins, vitamins, and minerals can only be a good thing if you want to feel better and sleep better.  The food on this menu has been sourced by Executive Chef Garry Hollihead from the best, small, artisanal, food producers in the UK, keeping air miles down and nutrient-density high,” said Nutritional Therapist Jeannette Hyde.


Blueberry protein shake with flaxseed, almonds, Brazil nuts, and walnuts
Corinthia Bircher muesli


Spinach and nettle soup
Loch Var smoked salmon with baby spinach and rocket, walnut dressing
Warm asparagus with orange hollandaise sauce, roasted sunflower seeds and golden berries, baby red chard


Roast hake with smoked haddock and spring onion risotto, curried velouté
Poached duck eggs with fondant potatoes and celeriac, wild mushrooms with new season garlic
Goosnargh chicken with crushed new potatoes and parsley, early season peas and broad beans, roasting juices
Turkey burger with Beenleigh blue cheese and baby spinach


Fruity fridge Flap Jacks
Malted milk panna cotta
Toast ice cream, caramelized bananas
Sour cherry Jelly
Honeyed apricots, chamomile scone

Bedtime Wind Down

Horlicks milk or Valerian tea
Sunflower seed butter, banana, and pumpkinseed cookie

The Sleep Menu Team

Jeannette Hyde - Nutritional Therapist

Jeannette Hyde is a degree-qualified Nutritional Therapist and has been trained in Functional Medicine, a patient-centered style of therapy which focuses on root causes rather than symptoms.

Let’s take sleep.  Through Functional Medicine Jeannette might assess your stress hormone levels and how well you are absorbing your food.  A Functional Medicine approach would have you eating the right types of food to balance your stress hormones and eating slowly and mindfully to absorb vitamins and minerals for optimum hormone and brain function. This would not only make you feel better, but potentially sleep better too.

“It is really important to relax and take time to eat your food slowly and with enjoyment. This means your ‘rest and digest’ parasympathetic nervous system gets switched on, which is needed to break down and absorb the nutrients from your food properly. Although there’s the phrase that ‘we are what we eat’, we are actually what we absorb. It is really important to eat a balanced diet but in addition, slow down when eating it.”

Jeannette consults Corinthia Hotels International on nutrition and menu development.

She has a private practice in West London and works with patients one-to-one on a range of issues including adrenal fatigue, abdominal adiposity (tummy fat), digestive issues, immunity, and hormone imbalances. She also works with companies on corporate wellness programmes.

Jeannette studied at Europe’s leading education provider for complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), The University of Westminster in London.  She graduated from the four-year Nutritional Therapy degree course with a BSc Honours 2 (1). Jeannette is a member of professional nutritional therapy body BANT and is registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), which means NHS professionals can make referrals to her.

The Sleep Menu Team

Garry Hollihead - Executive Chef at Corinthia London

Garry Hollihead is Corinthia Hotel London’s Executive Chef.  He has stamped his signature style of simplicity on the sleep menu using foods of best provenance sourced from artisanal suppliers he has built up relationships with all around the UK. “The quality, freshness and provenance of the ingredients is key,” said Garry.

Garry Hollihead clean and simple style of cooking, celebrating the best ingredients he can source from the four corners of the UK, has been enjoyed at the 294-room property since he joined pre-opening in October 2010.

His cooking influence stretches across all dining outlets from the British-influenced Northall and Italian-style Massimo’s restaurants to cocktail parties for up to 400 and private dining room experiences enjoyed by guests from around the world, including celebrities and royalty.

He has a passion for British food of optimal provenance which is sourced from farmers and fisheries – from Cornwall and Cumbria to Scotland and Ireland . He has built up personal relationships with his suppliers over a period of 30 years.

Often Garry will ring his suppliers early morning and hours later fresh fish and seafood is being delivered to the hotel – from the cold waters of Scotland or Essex.

Garry likes to work with seasonal produce and is constantly adapting hotel menus to highlight the best freshly-available. For example,  this year he is building menus around brassicas in Winter, asparagus in Spring, strawberries in Summer, tomatoes early Autumn, and apples and pears late Autumn.

“The ego is in the food not the chefs here. I like to keep food simple and clean. We are very driven by seasonality,” says Garry.

Garry, aged 54, is married with two children and lives in Wandsworth, south London, where he grows his own vegetables and herbs. He cycles to and from work. He enjoys fly fishing and shooting for game.

His career has taken him across an array of top restaurants in Europe and the Middle East. His classical training was under the three-Michelin-starred chef Louis Outhier of the famous Restaurant L’Oasis on the Côte D’Azur. He won Sutherlands restaurant its first Michelin star which he retained for four years. He went on to win further Michelin stars for the distinguished L’Escargot.