Health and Longevity


Preventive Medicine

Our doctors will perform an initial fact finding on health imbalances, dysfunctions, risk factors and lifestyle habits that can lead to poor health and premature ageing. Same basic well-being tips and therapies can be recommended at the initial consultation, which may be followed by an extensive personal health assessment aimed at a proactive detection and monitoring of imbalances, dysfunctions and risk factors

Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic medicine can help you look younger. An initial skin evaluation with our aesthetic doctor will determine what you are hoping to achieve, examine the various possibilities and decide upon a treatment strategy tailored to your own individual situation.



  • Osteopathy 
  • Ozonotherapy 
  • Intravenous Nutrient Therapy 
  • Oxygentherapy (Inhalation) 
  • Pressotherapy Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Longevity Basic Anti-Ageing Evaluation


  • Basic Biochemical Evaluation 
  • Biophysical Evaluation Skin Evaluation 
  • Preventive Medicine Consultation 
  • Nutritional Consultation

Longevity Premium Anti-Ageing Evaluation


  • Premium Biochemical Evaluation 
  • Biophysical, Nutritional and Neurovegetative Evaluation 
  • Skin Evaluation Preventive Medicine Consultation 
  • Nutritional Consultation 

Premium Biophysical & Nutritional Evaluation


  • Biophysical Evaluation 
  • Nutritional Evaluation 
  • Personal Training 
  • Personalised Fitness Plan 
  • Personalised Diet Plan