Ask the Concierge

Are there rooms available for guests with special needs?

Yes, we have rooms designed for guests with special needs.

Are parking facilities available in the hotel?

Yes, parking is available for guests.

Are credit cards used in Sudan?

Unfortunately, Credit cards are not used in Sudan, so all payments should be on a cash basis.

Do you have wireless internet anywhere the hotel?

Complimentary Wi-Fi (wireless internet) is available in all rooms and in the Nile River Café.

Can I have computer and e-mail access whilst at the hotel?

Yes a computer is available in the Executive Club on the 6th floor.

Where can one find international newspapers and magazines?

Available copies are found in all the Café's and in the Executive Lounge. Separate copies can be purchased from our Agenda shop.

What time is breakfast served?

Breakfast is served daily in the main restaurant from 6.30am till 10.30am and on Fridays service is till 11:00am.

Is an adaptor provided in the room?

Yes, adaptors are available upon request. Kindly contact the reception desk for assistance.

Is Public Transport close by?

Yes, there is a bus-stop just outside the hotel grounds.

How far is the Hotel from the centre of Khartoum?

It takes approximately 5 minutes to get to the city centre by car from the hotel.

Does the hotel arrange airport transfers?

Yes, our Concierge can organise taxi or limo services. Other transfer services can also be booked with our car firm located in the main foyer. Airport taxi service should be booked in advance.