Margaret Island

Filled with its own brand of particular magic, Margaret Island is the capital’s leisure zone where visitors can immerse themselves in a sense of tranquillity.

At nearly 3-km-long, more than 96-hectare in size and surrounded by the Danube, Margaret Island is a healing breath of fresh air for body and soul, as well as a place of refuge from the buzz of the metropolis. At the same time it bears the marks of a history stretching back centuries as the island has been inhabited by the Knights of St. John and dominated by nunneries and cloisters. Margaret Island is a fabulous place to explore, from the beauty of the Japanese Garden to the quaint pet zoo where deer and birds ramble in the woodland. But the most fabulous site is the Music Fountain where music and light shows are performed in the summer and the water leaps out in time with the music, so that the fountain seems to dance at the various classical themes reproduced. 

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