Invisible brunch

Combined Sunday programme and a truly unique event. The brunch will be highly visible after you have experienced the invisible.

Trust to your instincts and let yourself be lead by others as you step into a world of total darkness with the Invisible Exhibition. One of the most popular programmes in Budapest, visitors gain information about the world around them through touch, sound, smell and balance. Thus, in this new sightless state, it is possible to experience not only the difficulties but also a new complete and beautiful world. Lead through the seven-room exhibition by blind or partially sighted guides, the project is designed to bring the sighted and blind closer and to teach us how we can understand the visually impaired.

For an extra flavourlful experience, try the Invisible Dinner and Ball every Friday evening from 7 pm. Your senses of taste, touch and smell will be heightened and you’ll really be able to let your hair down while dancing in the dark!

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