Art Market Budapest

Held annually from the 28th November to the 1st December, the Art Market Budapest is a fabulous amalgamation of exhibition and art fair that aims to bring awareness  to contemporary Central and Eastern European art and artists. Held at the MillenĂ¡ris, the Art Market and its programmes are designed to bring the public and the artists closer together.

Featured programmes and presentations include such projects as the 'Gypsy Art Programme', which focuses on this Central and Eastern European social and artistic phenomenon and the 'Krinzinger Projekte', an exhibition curated by the Krinzinger Gallery, showcasing some of the region's most exciting emerging artists. Other programmes and events include round table discussions, artist interviews, book launches and presentations. 

Art Market Budapest extends into Art Week Budapest, a series of related events, programmes and workshops with the participation of various art groups and cultural communities.

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