Ask the Concierge

What is the currency?

Hungarian Forint (HUF). Reference currencies: USD, EURO

Where can I change money?

Money can be changed at the Reception desk.

What is the official language spoken?

Hungarian is the official language, but English and German are fairly well understood)

What credit cards are used?

Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, JCB, AMEX

Do I need a tie and jacket for dinner in the hotel restaurant?

No, it is not necessary.

I would like to buy some Herend porcelains. Where can I find them?

There is a very nice shop of the Herend factory in Budapest where you can find a wide selection of this porcelain. Of course the best place is Herend itself, where you can visit the factory and the museum. Our guests are always welcome in the shop with the biggest collection of the famous Herend porcelains.

Is there a swimming pool nearby?

The Corinthia Hotel Budapest has the most historical swimming pool among all the Hotels in Budapest. This pool is a unique attraction from the 19th century.

Where can I see the Crown Jewels?

The Crown jewels are permanently on display in the Building of Parliament. We can arrange a tour for you to visit the Parliament where you may view these famous Jewels as well.

Where can I find a good Far Eastern restaurant in Budapest?

Guests desiring some delicious Oriental cuisine need look no further than our Rickshaw Restaurant where you can find the most authentic Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Malaysian dishes in Budapest.

Are petrol stations open on Sunday?

Yes, they are.

Directions for travellers to Budapest

Please, check the Location subsection of the dedicated Destination section of our website.