Food For Thought

A Meeting of Sharp Minds

In partnership with renowned Nutritional Therapist Jeanette Hyde, Corinthia has created 'Food for Thought’, a pioneering menu concept featuring a range of delicious dishes designed to maximise delegates’ productivity.
Available at all nine Corinthia Hotels, these unique super-food menus combine local inspiration and ingredients with leading nutritional advice to optimise healthy brain function.
Essential proteins, whole-grains and rainbows of fresh vegetables are in, and white-refined carbohydrates, sugars, and gluten are out.

This simple formula, along with turbo health foods such as kefir, flax oil, chia seeds and dark raw chocolate, ensure delegates’ sugar levels are constant thus promoting optimum brain function and steady energy and concentration levels. 

Food for Thought menus will:

  • Only include foods which promote steady brain activity for delegates
  • Eliminate the highs and lows in concentration and mood created by poor diet choices from traditional meetings menus
  • Use only fresh local seasonal produce to enhance taste and reduce carbon footprint 



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